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Post-Renovation Open House

Whether you are a current patient, old patient, or are interested in looking for a new dental office – come get some food and check out our newly renovated dental office that our Downie Family Dentistry family is proud to call our own!

Friday, April 28 at 4 PM – 8 PM EDT

Part time dental assistant and dental hygienist positions available

As the re-invented Downie Family Dentistry Brand continues to grow and explode onto the scene, we are once again looking for new faces to add to our growing Family! Once office renovations are complete in mid-April, we will be looking to add both another part time dental assistant (EFDA certified) and part time dental hygienist. Dr. Will has made it his personal mission to create a staff that is exciting, hard-working, and most importantly POSITIVE and UPBEAT. If interested, send your resume to our main office e-mail Have a great weekend!

982 Koehlinger Dr
New Haven, Indiana 46774

Only 2 days into our 6-week wall to wall renovation at Downie Family Dentistry and our absolutely amazing contractor Todd Hartzog and visionary John Link have shown why they are so good at what they do!





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ProMax S3

Downie Family Dentistry Introduces Our New ProMax CBCT 3D Imaging Center!

The PLANMECA ProMax CBCT 3D Imaging Center provides our practice the latest in state-of-the-art technology. This gives Dr. Will the advantage to accurately diagnose issues and provide better treatment for you with unprecedented confidence. Unlike traditional film or outdated digital sensor imaging equipment, this system utilizes the latest technology to provide crystal-clear radiographs and 3D images while minimizing your exposure to radiation.

Our new machine now allows us to routinely take your valuable radiographs outside the mouth! That includes your panoramic, bitewing and if indicated 3-D radiographs without placing an uncomfortable sensor or film inside your mouth. This will provide you with a unique and comfortable experience all while delivering a better, more diagnostic image of your teeth and bone.

When we need to take a 3D image, we can limit our field of view, or scanning area that best suits your specific treatment plan. This helps to limit your radiation exposure because we are focusing specifically on your area of concern. We also have the unique ability with our PLANMECA ProMax CBCT to utilize the “Ultra Low Dose” protocol to drive radiation levels down below that of traditional radiographs from your past imaging experiences.

This latest 3D technology provides unmatched visualization of anatomical detail. This aids in treatment planning and helps us better explain the particulars of your case and address any questions you might have. This results in improved dental care and treatment outcome.

We made this investment in this technology because we care about you. Dr. Will and the entire DFD team want to improve your experience, provide the best oral care all while keeping radiation low and safer for you. We look forward to your next visit where we can show you how fast and comfortable your radiographic experience is.

Downie Family Dentistry

And don’t forget, Downie Family Dentistry is a proud member of the CareCredit family to help with any financial needs!!

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